CEO of Geas Gaming - Michael Paxton
Michael Paxton, Chief Executive Officer

Michael Paxton – Michael has 30 years of LARPing in both Hawaii and Colorado. His experiences include Amtgard, IFGS, Alliance, Dystopia Rising, and GEAS. He has held various leadership positions in many of these systems including producing and writing games for IFGS, serving as General Manager for Alliance LARP, and co-creating the annual Amtgard fighting event, Sword Knight Boot Camp. When he’s not LARPing, Michael works in IT for the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Broomfield, Colorado. Contact Michael.

William Haddon, Chief Creative Officer

William Haddon – Will’s been LARPing for more than 25 years, with experience in IFGS, Amtgard, GEAS, and Alliance LARP systems. He is a game designer and writer, and the originator of the Geas 5.0 rules system. His previous experience includes serving on the IFGS rules committee for their 7.0 and 8.0 versions, holding various leadership positions in Amtgard and IFGS, and founding the original GEAS system. Will is the owner and lead foamsmith of Colorado Foamforge, a LARP and cosplay properties company based in Longmont, Colorado. Contact William.