Hollow Dawn Larp

Hollow Dawn is a Gothic Dark Fantasy campaign about the struggle to survive after all has been sacrificed and evil becomes necessary to hold back even greater evil. The campaign will be a short run, three-event game in the summer of 2022.

Dominant campaign themes include:

  • Communities (teams, political entities, cults) and their solutions to the problems of safety, principle, and prosperity and the interactions and conflicts between them.
  • The choices and story lines that lead to brilliant lights in the darkness.
  • Questions of morality and the tension between ethics and survival.
  • The nature of Power, and the ways to collect, appease, or profit from that nature.

Hollow Dawn takes place in a living world where actions have consequences and players can expect their choices to create ripples, waves, and, at times, bone-deep change.

The game is run on the Geas 5.0 rules system, which prioritizes immersion, clarity, and a variety of player options and paths. Combat is light touch with safety-approved weaponry, packet-based magic, and live-fire archery.

Players should expect high risk, high character mortality, and high atmosphere with intense in-game experiences guided by consent-and-transparency focused out-of-game policies.

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