Ever wanted to run a LARP with vastly different characters, easy-to-communicate effects, and the ability to expand to fit any genre or setting you want? Geas 5 is the answer to that. A fully formed system built around “Modules” that can be taken out or left in, depending on how much depth you want in your game. Gamified crafting systems, “quiet” combat, and a philosophy of clarity and completeness, Geas 5 can be adjusted to your needs and dropped into any setting or gaming culture.

Geas staff will work with you to help you figure out which Modules you want, and how to best customize them for your game, working to your deadlines and your needs. We’ve taken care of all the little bits of LARP rules, from safety holds to OK checks to weapon construction, all of which you can take or leave as you will. Want to add on an extremely robust economy? Arcane rituals? Advanced classes and roles? Geas 5 has all of that plus an innovative Breed system that pays your character for great costuming and deep immersion. All, of course, optional.

If this is the kind of game you are interested in running, talk to us about licensing the Geas 5 system and we can walk you through the benefits, and answer your questions. Even if you love to make your own rules, we can take out the fiddly bits and you can choose to do all the fun world-building and creation parts you want.

The Geas 5 system is already in use for the Hollow Dawn Setting and Tempest LARP games in Kansas and Colorado.

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